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Business Professional Development

What is the Business Professional Development (BPD) Program?

To meet the challenge of the increasingly competitive job market, the College of Business Administration (CoBA) created a program to develop students' personal and professional success skills. The program is aptly named Business Professional Development (BPD) and is now a required course called BUS 300.

BUS 300 is taught by experienced professionals called Executives in Residence (EIRs). With the guidance of these EIRs, students fulfill course requirements that hone the valuable soft skills they need to differentiate themselves in the competitive business environment. 

Business Professional Development 

How does BPD help students?

  • Identifies students' professional strengths
  • Clarifies students' career goals
  • Builds students' confidence for job interviews
  • Provides strategies to secure internships and jobs before graduation

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What is an Executive in Residence (EIR)?

  • Volunteer business professionals with real-world experience
  • Instructors and coaches in the BUS 300 (BPD) course
  • Supporters of student professional success
  • Mentors to future San Diego business leaders & first-generation college students
  • Volunteers who improve student outcomes

More Info for Professionals

Interested in Supporting Student Success in the BPD Program?

Business community professionals can support students in BPD by volunteering to host mock interviews, table host at a networking night, or various other opportunities. Find out more by emailing the Director of Student Success, Michelle Tillman, at