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Project summary: CAMPIT is a new startup business in the camping industry that needs guidance with brand awareness through a marketing plan and to determine a suitable price point for their products. The methodology used by the team for this project provided a clear, simple, and engaging plan for the company. For the analytics and financial projections the team provided CAMPIT with well organized price layouts as well as simple spreadsheets conveying vital information. For the marketing plan, the team created multiple social media profiles to share new product images to grow their online status. The team planned and coordinated a storyboard for a fully functional video shoot. The team filmed a promotional video for the product launch. Alongside the promotional video the team created two short 15 second advertisement videos.

Team members: Jillian Dauz, Claudine Tuazon, Nicholas Perez, Rodrigo Tolentino, Noah Walgren

Faculty advisor: Hedayat Alibeiki

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