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Miguel de Jesus

Miguel de Jesus
Miguel de Jesus, MBA, CPC (Certified Professional Coach) Executive Coach & Sales Marketing Consultant 

Miguel de Jesus, MBA, CPC (Certified Professional Coach) Executive Coach, and Sales Marketing Consultant Miguel is a highly accomplished, results-oriented C-level leader with more than 30+ years of experience leading business management, global sales/marketing, for growth oriented companies and CEOs, with two Fortune 500 companies.

A Leader in running a $200M Sales organization in new business revenue, as a VP, Sales, and most currently providing Leadership and Sales Training to professionals as a Leadership Consultant and Personal Development Coach.

He is a Digital Marketing professional helping business leaders, authors, speakers, coaches and other professionals to improve their Marketing efforts to gain more visitors, leads, and client conversions.

As an Author, Keynote speaker, and Transformational change agent, Miguel brings his insights, and wisdom to public and corporate audiences.

His books, “Success Leaves Clues” and “So, What Do You Do”, are in release.

His most recent books “Let Your Emotional Intelligence Do The Talking! & “Build To Grow”, for the entrepreneurial mindset, with Founders and creators in mind, are available in both Kindle and paperback version on Amazon.

Miguels’ Guiding Principle and Statement: “Struggle is Optional … Success is A Choice!”

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