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Dr. Paola Ometto

Research Interests

  • Social enterprise
  • Business sustainability
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Communities and Markets
  • Emerging markets



Paola Ometto is an Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business Administration at California State University San Marcos. She is passionate about how businesses navigate global environments and the current demand for being more environmental sustainable and socially just. She also researches how communities and institutional factors impact entrepreneurship and corporations. Prior to joining CSUSM, she received her Ph.D. in Strategic Management and Organization at Alberta Business School (University at Alberta) and a Ph.D. in Public Administration from FGV-EAESP (Sao Paulo - Brazil). She has presented her work at the Academy of Management Conference and European Group of Organization Studies.


Peer review publications

  • Ometto, M. P., Gegenhuber, T., Winter, J., & Greenwood, R. (2018) “From Balancing Missions to Mission Drift: the Role of the Institutional Context, Spaces, and Compartmentalization in the Scaling of Social Enterprises.” Business & Society.
  • Ometto, M. P., Bulgacov, S., & Gomel, M. (2015) “Os Praticantes da Responsabilidade Social Empresarial: um Estudo a Partir da Certificação FSC.” [The Practitioners of Social Responsibility: a Study of the Forest Stewardship Council]. Organização e Sociedade (Brazil), v. 22, n. 74.
  • Bulgacov, S., Ometto, M.P., & Gomel, M. (2015) “Differences in Sustainability Practices and Stakeholders Involvement.” Journal of Social Responsibility, v.1, n. 11, 149-160.


Other publications

  • Glynn, M. A., Lawrence, T. B., Meyer, R., Ocasio, W., Ometto, M. P., & Soublière, J. F. (2016). “How Do Institutionalists Matter? Dialogue and Directions from the Closing Plenary.” How Institutions Matter! Research in Sociology of Organization (pp. 393- 406). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
  • Alves, M.A., Guimarães, P.C.V., & Ometto, M.P. (2019).“Blame and Litigation as Corporate Strategies in the Context of Environmental Disaster: Shell in Brazil." Routledge Companion to Risk, Crisis and Emergency Management.


Conference proceedings

  • Zafar, A., & Ometto, M.P. “Emancipating the Woman: How Gender-mix in Entrepreneurial Teams Leads to Women's Emancipation.” Academy of Management Conference, Anaheim. 
  • Ometto, M.P., & Zafar, A. (2016) “External Infrastructure, Community-based Enterprises and Entrepreneurial Emancipation.” Academy of Management Conference, Anaheim.
  • Ometto, M. P., Gegenhuber, T., & Winter, J. (2015) “Losing the Activist Spirit: Institutional Complexity, Mission Drift, and Institutional Logics Vulnerability.” Academy of Management Conference, Vancouver, Canada. 
  • Ometto, M. P., & Alves, M. A. (2015) “Sedimentation in the Field: the Role of Previous Organizations as Resource for Social Mobility.” Academy of Management Conference, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Ometto, M. P., & Alves, M. A. (2014) “Corporate Political Activities Through Civil Society Meta-organizations.” Academy of Management Conference, Philadelphia.