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New Grads New Jobs 2020

CoBA was excited to share news of 2020 gradautes who accepted job offers over the summer! Each social media post below features a new gradaute and their new job, as well as some sage advice for current students to prepare for their careers.

Good #newgradnewjob news for Amanda Boudrealt who just accepted a position as Marketing & Events Coordinator for the San Diego North EDC! The trade and business development organization is lucky to have a stellar new team member as she was a true asset to CoBA's Office of Business Research and Analysis (OBRA).

She says, “Working with OBRA helped grow my network and ease my transition into a professional role. One word of advice I can give to fellow CSUSM alum or students is to be patient with yourself if you’re having a hard time securing employment or internships. COVID-19 is affecting the economy and job market in many ways. Stay focused on your goals and keep applying to companies, utilize your network and concentrate on strengthening those relationships in the meantime.” Best of luck in your new job, Amanda


Exciting #newgradnewjob announcement for another #classof2020 graduate, Brooke Callonea, a supply chain management student, just accepted a new role as a procurement specialist with campus partner at Viasat. She began building a relationship with the organization early on while working with an alumni mentor  from the the supply chain department and completing a Viasat Senior Experience project her final semester.

“The biggest thing I learned during my time at CSUSM is you get out what you put into college. Take every opportunity to network with professionals in your industry and get involved on campus. Participating in the GSCM Society and mentor program were hugely beneficial to my college experience and helped get me to where I am today. I highly recommend taking advantage of CoBA's resources while you're in school!“ Congrats, Brooke!!  



Congrats to Andrew Dowcher on his #newgradnewjob announcement! Andrew interned with Avande this summer and will begin his new full time role as a data analyst this month!

Andrew started out as a accounting major but soon switched to finance. He worked in retail and fast food while earning his degree and even tried acc and supply chain internships before realizing he wanted to work for a large organization. He landed the interview with Avanade thanks to a connection in the company and he built a stellar reputation during his 2 months as intern.

His had lots of advice for fellow cougars...
“First, employers in all sectors want people to have a background in programming, web design, or other advanced products. If you want a REALLY good paying job, go to and start learning these skills. Companies want people who know Microsoft technologies. This resource is FREE!

And second, work full time while going to school, and try to get decent grades doing so. Brag about it. That was probably the #1 reason why I got hired at Avanade, was because I not only had great time management, but I also had the GPA to prove I was no slouch.”
Best of luck in the new job, Andrew!


Congrats to Elise Chung on her #newgradnewjob announcement! Elise just accepted a new role as customer service analyst at Amkor Technology (a company specializing in semi-conductor packaging and test services). While WFH, she shared her advice for students navigating the new job landscape.

“Know your worth! Graduating during the middle of the pandemic was so tough, not only in terms of my courseload, but also looking at potential job prospects. With the current job market, I grew worrisome that I would need to lower my standards and accepting ANY job that came my way. But as the interviews started to slowly trickle in, I realized that I knew my worth going into the market before COVID-19 and I shouldn't be settling for a job. Ultimately, I landed a role as a Customer Service Analyst for Amkor Technology, which met (and exceeded) all of my standards of what I was looking for. Research and understand what kind of company you want to work for, make sure that their values align with yours, and find a role that will make you happy, confident, and motivated! Be strong, be patient, be proactive in your search, and don't settle for anything less than what you're worth.”


Congratulations to Steven Sutherland, a #classof2020 graduate, who just secured his first career role at TEKsystems ! Steven will be recruiting IO and Cyber Security professionals in the DoD and Government sector.As an active student on campus, Steven took advantage of the @csusm.veterans center resources, a geico careers internship, and CoBA's Business Professional Development program's networking opportunities. His advice for current students? “Never underestimate the power of an internship and service industry experience on your resume; that’s why I was initially reached out to through LinkedIn for this position and here I am now-in my dream career!”  


Exciting #newgradnewjob announcement for Melody Forstie! Melody accepted a new role as Client Success Manager at The Crancer Group, a Microsoft Partners consulting group. She is now working with the group's COO, Richard Crancer who has been a strong supporter of our college's BPD and Professional Mentor Program.

She advises all students to, "Take advantage of the resources the CSUSM career center and COBA as to offer like job fairs, resume building workshops, and more. Also, to really build your professional network by having informational interviews and connecting with professionals within your industry. This really assisted me in finding the right direction in what position I wanted. Good luck, Cougars!" Congratulations, Melody!


CoBA is excited to share another #newgradnewjob announcement for Andy Vuu! Andy actually started an internship position with General Atomics this month where he will get to explore the many different career options available for his supply chain specialization and learn more about the industry. This will hopefully lead to a full-time position with the organization or a clearer picture of what he wants to do next.
His advice for current students is to gain direction while still in school. "Take advantage of the resources that are available at CSUSM. Whatever you put into school such as joining societies, attending events like job fairs, and participating in mentorship programs; these will guide you where you would want to be. Just keep striving!" Congratulations and best of luck, Andy! 


Jonas Dyer
Management student Jonas Dyer shares his #cobastudentsuccess story of how his strong  work ethic and a network connection at his local gym led to his burgeoning career managing real estate ventures across the Pacific Northwest.

How is he propelling his career forward prior to graduation you might ask?
“A wise man once told me that you are the average of the people you spend the most time with. I could not surround myself with a better team now if I tried and I can see how their influence has positively reflected on my life, both personally and professionally."