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Management Student Wins Innovation Hub Challenge with Virtual Event App

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The Idea and Winning the Innovation Challenge 

Each semester the newly formed CSUSM Innovation Hub allows students to submit their start up for consideration as part of the Innovation Hub Challenge. The goal of this program is to foster real-life solutions to specific challenges in the community. This past Fall 2020, senior management student LeRhonda Triplett's idea was selected from multiple applicants by a panel of entrepreneurial experts for her new event management company called Where's the Party (WTP). As the selected winner, she received a cash award and entrepreneurship mentoring that will allow her to move her start up forward.

The concept of Where’s The Party (WTP) first came came to LeRhonda from her partner Rodney Starkes and a conversation he had with his coworkers after a party. They thought it would be a great idea to create a party finder app for people who like to attend parties and go to social events. 

The concept of WTP evolved last year due to COVID-19 and went from just a party finder app idea to an event management company specializing in virtual event planning. Triplett’s business model was finalized after receiving positive feedback from her professors, who believed that CSUSM could benefit from WTP virtual event planning services.

Triplett reflected on the experience stating, "Competing in the Fall 2020 Innovation Challenge was a very insightful experience.  Although it was challenging, I enjoyed coming up with a solution to solve one of the problems that arose during the pandemic, the lack of social interaction. My company, Where’s The Party, solved this problem by providing a virtual platform that allows people to interact with others from the safety and convenience of their own home."

Where's the Party's Virtual Value

The services WTP provides can be broken down into two components. First, they specialize in virtual event planning for corporations and universities, starting with CSUSM. Secondly, they have a party finder app coming out in May 2021 that allows you to search, host, attend, and promote virtual or physical parties or events in real-time.

Triplett's says, "The goal for WTP is to revolutionize the event planning and partying experience, and I am confident that we are well on our way to completing this goal."

One of the most recent events WTP hosted was for a virtual Valentine's Day event. Guests enjoyed a two hour event which featured fun games and contests with prizes, food & wine gift baskets - delivered direct to their homes prior to the event, and great music from a live DJ.

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Where's the Party's Next Steps

Triplett's Go-to-market plan is to partner up with CSUSM and other universities/corporations by providing a fun, safe, and convenient way for students and staff to attend their events. WTP can provide that with virtual event management services. With the service, the WTP team can plan and host the entire event for organization. The IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for Where’s The Party app will launch May 2021.

Learn more about Where's the Party and how Triplett's organization can help you host your next engaging virtual event for work, family, or friends!