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Craft Brewers Index

The Craft Brewers Index has been developed by the Cal State University San Marcos College of Business Administration and the San Diego Business Journal over the past threeyears, being adjusted and reexamined semiannually. The index is calculated from specific survey responses to questions focused on craft brewing operations and opportunitiesin San Diego County;distributed to local craft breweries in San Diego County, the most recent survey received 44 responses, and the results are as follows.

craft beer index scores from 87 to 94

The most recent output of the Craft Brewers Index, being 93 in Spring of 2018, displays an impressive level of optimism among local craft brewers. Higher than previous numbers, the spring 2018 index number shows that local craft brewers are optimistic and hopeful about what the future holds for the craft brewing industry. A score above 50 indicates optimisim; a score below 50 indicates lack of confidence.

64% of craft brewers expect to hire 1-5 additional employees

91% of craft brewers expect to increase distribution

32% of craft brewers expect their barrel production to increase by 11-20%

Sales of brews



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