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North San Diego Business Chamber

North San Diego Business Chamber

Project summary: As consultants for the North San Diego Business Chamber, the team's goal was to assist in better understanding the programs and initiatives the North San Diego Business Chamber of Commerce could implement that would attract younger business professionals and emerging leaders. The team researched a number of leadership programs, other successful chambers of commerce, and interviewed many business professionals in the target market to gain insight into ways the chamber could create value for a younger demographic. The team's recommendations include further development of an emerging leader program, the use of social media for effective communication, and specific programs a young business leader would find useful and interesting. The team believes their recommendations will help the North San Diego Business Chamber attract younger leaders and help develop a successful succession plan for the next generation.

Team members: James Hyland, Eugene Finley, Calder McClure, Ricardo Gomez, Douglas Fontana

Faculty advisor: Gayle Belch

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