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Sicher, Inc.

Sicher, Inc.

Project summary: Sicher was having problems with it’s online marketing efforts. The solution for that problem was to improve the SEO and revise the writing on the company website, create a marketing plan and campaign, and then to implement the marketing plan and campaign. The objectives were achieved for the marketing plan and campaign by using the research on SquareSpace, research on effective keywords used by competitors, research on blogs, and research on website formatting that we have conducted on the company and industry. To improve the SEO, research was conducted on competitors that appear at the top of searches. To help increase user engagement, a blog post was implemented on the company's LinkedIn website that informed customers about the importance of data shredding. A hyperlink to Sicher's website was also included in the blog post. Adding this hyperlink to the blog post will help increase traffic and SEO, allowing the blog post’s conversation and activity to be tracked. Sicher will be able to use the company’s LinkedIn page to provide information about the company and be able to stay active with its followers.

Team members: Kylie Jessee, Cameron Reyes, Liz Haro, Kimberly Ruiz, Trey Williams

Faculty advisor: Qi Sun

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