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East County Transitional Living Center

ECTCL 2 Team

Project Summary:

ECTLC wanted to improve its existing donor messaging and communications, as well as expand outreach to new potential donors in Southern CA and throughout the U.S. The organization was lacking a cohesive strategy and approach to significantly grow cash donations. The team performed a SWOT analysis on the local market that ECTLC operates within to pinpoint areas where they may be falling short. Through this research and ideation, the team was able to develop three milestones: a market analysis, a marketing plan, and a donor engagement plan. The latter of these three is the culmination of all research done and contains every idea the team thought might be a viable avenue for ECTLC to pursue. 

Student Team Members: Brian Bolen, Daniel Ruskowski, Mason Morrow, Julia Cardenas, Carl Rydder

Faculty Advisor: Mohammad Sebt, Ph. D.

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