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Dexter Development Group, LLC DBA Edenpark SM

Edenpark team

Project Summary: 

Dexter Development Group needed assistance with a comprehensive, multi-phase project in which they are building a large-scale community center, titled “Edenpark”. Dexter Development Group asked the team for assistance in four areas: market research to gain insight on consumer wants/needs, creation of a community engagement plan, creation of a persuasive video to be presented to city council, and conduction of industry research as to what kind of mobile app software would work best for Edenpark. The team conducted two market research surveys and used the corresponding data to determine market demand, as it pertained to the types of products and services that the Edenpark target market is seeking. The team also constructed a community engagement plan consisting of social media, mobile app, and community event strategies to keep future consumers connected with the park both on and off-site. Lastly, the team delivered a cinematic video for Dexter Development group to present to city council and advocate for the park’s construction.

Student Team Members: Samantha Cheek, Chelsie Thompson, Jesse Hogan, Gavin Batso,n Nick Anselmo

Faculty Advisor: Reza Abrishamchian, MBA

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