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The Coast News Group

The Coast News Group Team

Project Summary: 

The Coast News Group was faced with increasing effective efforts towards growing a younger audience and improving their digital presence. The team generated a company analysis and industry report to analyze where the company stood in both the general environment and as a family business. The Coast News Group then provided the team with information regarding their Google Analytics and demographic marketing information in order to assist the team in generating a new marketing strategy for the company. The final deliverables that the team provided to The Coast News Group included the completion of social media guidelines and recommendations that the company may utilize in increasing follower engagement and their digital presence, the presentation of a pricing sheet that the company may propose to potential sponsors for their podcasts, and the establishment of a collaboration between The Coast News Group and the Cougar Chronicle. 

Student Team Members: Jasmine Holliday, Angel Landeros, Michelle Cronin, Tommy Bito, Isabel Gabrail

Faculty Advisor: Catherine Tricker, MBA

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