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The team was asked to build out the social media marketing capabilities of Verity, a new firm equipped with a sustainable solution to packaging within the cosmetic and skincare industries. This task involved coordinating with Verity’s marketing professionals, interviewing social media influencers, and tapping the intellectual resources of players within the social media marketing environment, in order to construct/outline the Verity Collective.
The team successfully translated the findings from its research into the blueprints of the Verity Collective. The framework of the collective will allow Verity’s partners access to discounted social media marketing rates and brand-aligned influencers. Additionally, the Verity Collective will provide participating influencers with stable, guaranteed monthly income.

Student Team Members: Ian Murray, Melissa Durazo, Omar Reyes, Alex Rolland, Wendy Vargas

Faculty Advisor: Catherine Tricker, MBA

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