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Project Summary: This project was performed for Kevin Soehner, Vice President Operations at iGrad/Enrich, to summarize the structure of email marketing. iGrad is a financial technology company headquartered in San Diego that provides artificial intelligence-driven financial wellness solutions to over 600 colleges and universities. In addition, the website Enrich, which was created specifically for associates, contains over 20,000 employers and over 300 financial institutions. Their mission statement is to empower students, alumni, staff, parents, and families to make effective personal finance, student loan, and career decisions throughout their lives. IGrad plans to create a comprehensive and engaging end-user outreach, via email marketing, that raises user awareness of the most current platform features and benefits while also increasing use and interaction.

The current email marketing models used by iGrad/Enrich lack customer engagement. The team was tasked with designing a newer email marketing template. Emails are often discarded, ignored, or lost in a sea of other emails, so it is critical for iGrad/Enrich to compose and send emails with a striking subject line, preview teaser line, and information that is “worth” clicking on. Through industry research, creative thinking, survey, and A/B testing the team successfully built a template that iGrad/Enrich can use to utilize transactional emails that will encourage ongoing content interaction with its users.

Student Team Members: Salma Cerda, Nicole Rodriguez, Maritza Perez, Bulmaro Luna, Alexandra Garcia

Faculty Advisor:  Bill Burns, Ph.D.

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