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Magna Team

Project Summary: In efforts to enhance employment branding and increase job applicant online visibility, MagnaFlow tasked the team with finding improved practices for their HR department. Based on research results, the team recommends that MagnaFlow expands its use of Indeed and LinkedIn. There is also added potential for Magnaflow to hire from veteran job platforms and ZipRecruiter. Through surveys and focus groups, the team found that clear and concise job postings will better retain a job applicant’s attention; therefore, MagnaFlow’s creation of a master job description would provide clarity. MagnaFlow should also consider adopting new recruiting trends of inclusivity language and interactive videos to put on their web page and job postings. Incorporating these recommendations will help MagnaFlow fulfill its strategic goal of becoming “THE” place to work.

Student Team Members: Dennise Araya, Jesse Gomez III, Christine Holbrook, Guillermo Lazaro, Lisa Rodriguez

Faculty Advisor: Catalin Ratiu, Ph.D.

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