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Dimitris P. Magemeneas

Dimitris P. Magnememus

Dimitris P. Magemeneas, MBA, AAMS®

Partner | Wealth Manager

“Money Man” manages clients’ money and teaches students about money in sunny San Marcos, California.

Clients, colleagues and college students call Dimitris the “Money Man” due to his enthusiastic approach in continuously helping others. His positive, encouraging, and educational style helps clients to be confident with their money matters.

The superhero mindset was born of necessity, by helping his clients survive the financial crisis of 2007-2009. California was the epicenter of the housing bubble that preceded the “Great Recession” of that time. Lessons learned during this period were a great reminder to always remain vigilant in the fiduciary care of clients’ investments.

Dimitris completed his MBA from University of San Diego with straight A’s in all his courses, with dual majors of Finance and Marketing. He now teaches finance and career development classes at local universities, and is highly involved with youth and educational causes such as Junior Achievement and Boys & Girls Club.

“Money Man” is the author of the brand-new book, “The Five P’s of Money Management”, a 2019 release designed to help investors learn a step-by-step approach to financial planning. In his free time, “D.Mag” (another nickname) enjoys staying in shape to compete in senior basketball leagues and tournaments.

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