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Remote Work Checklist

Set up your Space

  • Establish a dedicated place to work. It should be safe, ergonomically suitable and free from distractions.
  • Ensure phone and internet connectivity is sufficient to support communication and access.

Equipment, Network and Tools Setup

  • Identify the equipment you need to do your job (e.g. laptop, camera, etc). Schedule an appointment with IITS to pick-up any needed items.
  • Set up remote collaboration tools (Sharepoint, Onedrive, Zoom, Teams, etc).
  • Determine if you need access to department shared drives and set up remote work options available via IITS.
  • Set up telephone system including voicemail, receive and retrieve voicemails offsite.


  • Store important documents in Sharepoint or Onedrive.
  • Follow CSUSM's safe computing practices.
  • Never download personally identifiable information, sensitive FERPA information, health information, or other confidential information to your personal device.

Maintain Communication with your Supervisor

  • Obtain approval from your supervisor for your work schedule start and end times, as well as rest and meal breaks. Communicate with your supervisor if you need to deviate from your regular schedule.
  • Schedule and/or attend regular meetings with your supervisor to check-in, ask questions, communicate issues, or establish priorities.
  • Participate in meetings with your supervisor and/or team.

Review Remote Work Resources