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CoBA and Human Development Faculty Members Receive National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant

Paola Ometto

Dr. Paola Ometto, Assistant Professor of Management


Dr. Carly Offidani-Bertrand, Assistant Professor of Human Development 

The university is proud to share that Dr. Paola Ometto, Assistant Professor of Management, and Dr. Carly Offidani-Bertrand, Assistant Professor of Human Development were recently awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant for their proposed research project, "Build and Broaden: Growing Capacity in Research Examining Entrepreneurship". 

This impressive grant of $215,740 will allow for their interdisciplinary research collaboration at CSUSM, a minority serving institution, to explore what factors affect the development of entrepreneurs in minority communities. Marginalized communities and people of color unfortunately suffer higher levels of bias and discrimination while launching their businesses. The grant will fund research to understand the development of entrepreneurial ventures in minority communities of color, as well as how marginalized individuals use entrepreneurship as a pathway for overcoming racial discrimination and socio-legal exclusion. The faculty also hope to focus on the challenges faced by undocumented status entrepreneurs, as part of a partnership with the CSUSM DREAMers Resource Office.

To investigate these entrepreneurial pathways, Dr. Ometto and Dr. Offidani-Bertrand will deploy a comprehensive set of research methods, including focus groups, social network mapping, and minority business owner interviews. They also hope to offer workshops, events, and programing opportunities for entrepreneurial development in the local community. While the majority of existing literature on entrepreneurship focuses on white male business owners, this funding will allow the faculty compile research knowledge on strategy and processes for minority communities to overcome challenges to build successful businesses.

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