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Fall 2021

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The Early Enrollment Period for Fall 2021 begins on April 26, 2021 at 8:00am  Emails with unique enrollment dates and times will be sent to students on April 22. New students, please visit our Enrollment Information page for details regarding the enrollment process and how to find your enrollment date.

Please note: Several sections have seats reserved for students with the course as a major/minor requirement. See class notes for the date when remaining seats are open to all students.  

 Enrollment Calendar 


 Enrollment Period Step 

 Apr 22

  • Class schedule available 
  • Enrollment appointment dates and times sent to students 

Apr 26-May 12 

Early enrollment period  for eligible students: 

  • Students may enroll up to 16 units during this time period 
  • Students may waitlist up to 10 units 
  • Graduating seniors may enroll up to 19 units 
  • Students on Academic Probation may not register for more than 14 units 

 Please be aware your enrollment date and time (regular academic session) is a uniquely assigned date and time within the early enrollment period and is the earliest date and time in which you can begin to enroll in classes.  

June 14-21

  • New student enrollment
    • June 14-16 Transfer student enrollment dates
    • June 21-22 First time student enrollment dates

Aug 16 

Enrollment limit increased to 19 units at 3pm PST

Aug 25 

Fall 21 Tuition & Fees DUE (all students) 

Aug 27 

DEADLINE – Last day to file an Undergraduate Request for Educational Leave of Absence

Aug 29 

DEADLINE – Drop all courses using MyCSUSM until 11:59pm PST and receive full refund of fees, less any administrative charge. Students who drop after this date will be charged prorated fees for each day that has elapsed from the first day of the semester 

Aug 30  

INSTRUCTION BEGINS - First day of classes that meet the full session of the term and those that meet the first 8-week session (8W1) of the term. 

Aug 30 – Sep 13

Add/drop periodStudents may add classes and drop classes in MyCSUSM without penalty. 

Aug 30- Sep 3: Students may enroll in open classes in MyCSUSM (green on the class schedule) without a permission number (a permission number is required for closed and waitlisted classes or those requiring instructor consent); through 11:59pm PST on Sep 3

Sep 4- Sep 13 All classes require a permission number to enroll. 

Open University, Over 60 Program, Cross Enrollment Visitor, Intrasystem Visitor, and Intrasystem Concurrent, CSU Employee (non-degree seeking) applications and enrollment. 

Sep 13 

Last day to drop class(es) with no academic record for courses in thefull session and first 8-week session of the spring term.  

Last day to add classes (includes classes that meet full session, first 8-week session, and second 8-week session of the term) with permission numbers or with instructor approval on Course Prerequisite Waiver Form

Last day to change grading option for classes that meet the full session, first 8-week session, and second 8-week session of the term. 

Last day to change from full-time (over 6.1 units) to part-time (6.0 units or less) status and be eligible for refund for the difference in fees. 

Sep 14 

$25 Late Registration Fee (i.e. initial enrollment in classes) 

$15 Late Add Fee (i.e. enrollment in an additional class) 

Sep 14 - 26 

Withdrawals completed in MyCSUSM will be charged with a "W" to the student's academic record for classes that meet the full session and first 8-week session. 

Sep 26 

Last day to withdraw from classes (with “W” grade) in MyCSUSM (i.e. students must submit withdrawal petition in order to officially withdraw from courses after 11:59pm PST on Sep 26) 

Last day to submit a Late Enrollment petition to be considered for academic load adjustment for Financial Aid 

Sep 27 

CENSUS DAY – End of 20 days of instruction

Beginning census day, withdrawal from course(s) requires approval and may be granted by petition for serious and compelling reasons only. 

Oct 22 

Last day of classes that meet the first 8-week session of the semester. 

Oct 23 

First day of class for classes that meet the second 8-week session of the term. 

Oct 29 

Last day to submit Final Exam Schedule Change Request form. 

Last day to drop classes with no academic record for a class that meets the second 8-week session (8W2) of the term. Withdrawals after this date for serious reasons only. 

Nov 1 

DEADLINE  Last date to apply for Fall 2021 graduation.   

Nov 19 

Last day to Withdraw from Fall semester with an approved serious & compelling reason (not eligible for a refund). 

Dec 11 

Last day of classes that meet the full session of the term; last day of classes that meet the second 8-week session (8W2) of the term. 

Dec 13-18 


Dec 18 

Last day of Fall semester. 

Dec 22

Grades due from instructors; though grades may be viewed immediately following the grade submission deadline for instructors, grades are not official until Friday, January 7, 2022 at 5:00pm PST

Jan 7, 2022

Fall 2021 official grades available on MyCSUSM. 

 Cal State San Marcos has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information throughout this website. All information is subject to change without notice or obligation. 

Enrollment information provided by Office of the Registrar. 

Posted February 22, 2021