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Congratulations! You made it!!

In keeping with such a momentous occasion, graduation is not automatic upon the completion of requirements. You must submit an application to graduate, which will ensure your record is reviewed for degree requirements. Upon completion of 85 units, you are eligible to file an application online in the Student Center in MyCSUSM. See the Apply to Graduate page for instructions and deadlines to apply.

Process and Timeline

After grades are official each semester, the Office of the Registrar begins to review student records for completion of degree requirements. Watch your cougar email inbox for a message from the Office of the Registrar 1-4 weeks after your final semester (or after you submit your final transcripts). We will notify you that your degree has been conferred or that additional requirements remain if you are not quite ready to graduate. 

Please see the Diploma page for information on when and how you will receive your diploma!

If degree requirements have not been met, our office will cancel your application and set you up for enrollment in the subsequent term.

Applying After Deadlines

If you meet all graduation requirements after the posted deadline (or after your enrollment at CSUSM has ended), you may complete the Application for Graduation form for a review of your record for degree conferral.


If you are planning to attend Commencement, you must register to participate and receive guest tickets. Your Commencement registration link will be emailed to your CSUSM email by the first week of April. Please visit the Commencement Website for more information.