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Dental Plans

Eligible CSU employees and dependents may enroll in dental coverage that is currently paid by the CSU. Premiums are generated through the payroll process and are paid on a monthly basis. There are two plans available and each plan has different levels based on the employee's union code. 

To help understand each plan, please watch a video and review the side by side comparison brochures:

Delta Dental PPO (Indemnity Plan)

The CSU Delta Dental PPO Dental Program is an indemnity plan under the Delta Dental Plan of California. There are three benefit levels in this plan: Basic, Enhanced Level I and Enhanced Level II. The plan sets the limits that it will pay for each specific type of dental treatment. Members are responsible for paying any remaining balance that might be due based on the type of dental treatment they receive.

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Employees enrolled in the indemnity plan have the option of selecting a dentist of his/her choice, however dentists in the PPO Network have agreed to charge significantly lower fees than other dentists so the employee will pay less out-of-pocket expenses, saving an average of 20-30% on most services.  For more information on understanding the difference between the Networks, review the Network Savvy brochure.

Delta Dental PPO Contact
Client Services Department Number: (800) 765-6003

DeltaCare USA (Prepaid Plan)

There are two benefit levels in the prepaid plan: Basic and Enhanced. The prepaid plan requires the employee and their eligible dependents to use a dentist from a specific list of dentists who contract with the selected prepaid carrier. Most basic services are covered at low or no cost.

For 2023 Benefit Plan Highlights & Evidence of Coverage -

DeltaCare USA Contact
Client/Customer Service Number: (800) 422-4234

For additional information, please refer to the CSU Delta Dental website or contact the HR Benefits Office.