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Support for Nursing Mothers

Returning to work after having a baby takes careful planning, especially for mothers who breastfeed. CSU San Marcos supports nursing mothers by providing break time for employees to express milk and by providing the employee with the use of space for lactation purposes.

Break Guidelines

Employers must provide a “reasonable break time” for nursing mothers to express milk for up to one year after their child’s birth. The frequency and duration of the breaks will vary depending on a number of factors.  The time necessary to express milk includes, among other things, the time walking to and from the nursing location, retrieving of and setting up a pump or other supplies, washing and cleaning the pump or other supplies and storing milk.

Department managers are reminded to take necessary steps (e.g., revising staff break schedules) to provide time for nursing mothers to express milk while ensuring normal business operations.

Options for Lactation Space

Private Office

If a nursing mother has a private office, it may be used for lactation purposes. The office must be shielded from view and have a door that can be locked for privacy.

Designated Lactation Rooms

Administrative 6312

A private Nursing Mother’s Room is available in Administrative 6312, on a first-come-first serve basis.

Kellogg Library

There is one lactation room located in the Library:

  • KEL 3017 is available for use during all Library operating hours (see Library Hours). Check out a key in KEL 3000 between 8 - 5 M-F, and at the 3rd floor Circulation Desk outside of these hours when the full building is open. During overnight hours or when building operations are otherwise limited to the 2nd floor, check out the key at the 2nd floor Media Library service desk.

Mamava Lactation Pod

The University Student Union now features a Mamava Lactation Pod on the 3rd Floor East Pavilion (in front of the Women & Gender Equity Center). The lactation pod provides a private, clean, and comfortable space to pump or nurse babies.

The Mamava Lactation Pod is powered by a smart technology system that enables easy location sharing, autonomous access (during USU operation hours), and remote monitoring through the free Mamava app available for iOS and Android devices. Designed specifically for pumping and breastfeeding, this pod feature easy-to-clean surfaces, comfortable benches, and a locking door.

To access the space, download the Mamava App (available on Google Play or App Store) or ask the USU Information Desk (4th Floor East Pavilion) for access. 

For concerns or trouble accessing the Mamava Lactation Pod, please visit the Information Desk (4th Floor East Pavilion) or call 760-750-7450.

Extended Learning Building

  • Located on the 5th Floor - this lactation room is on a first come, first serve basis.

Other Lactation Spaces

If the faculty or staff member does not have a personal office, or if the designated lactation spaces above are located too far from the employees’ workspace to make it practical to use, Human Resources will work with the employee’s supervisor to identify a private lactation space. The space will be free from intrusion from co-workers and the public and will be available to the nursing mother when needed. 

Nursing mothers who plan to express milk while at work are encouraged to contact Human Resources at (760) 750-4418 prior to their return from maternity leave to identify lactation spaces and discuss options for break times.

Additional Resources

Tips and guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health to help ease nursing mothers’ transition back to work.