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Savings Plus Program

  • Eligible employees may participate in the IRC 401(K) Thrift Plan and the IRC 457 Defferred Compensation Plans.
  • Allows a maximum pre-tax deduction of $22,500 for the 401(K) plan and $22,500 for the 457 Plan for 2023.
  • There is no employer matching contribution
  • Administered by CalHR/State of California (CSU does not administer these plans).
  • Nationwide is the SSP Plan Administrator effective 1/1/2016.

Enrollment Information:

  • Go to the CalHR Savings Plus Program official website to learn about the program, maximum contributions amounts, catch-up allowances and adminstration of the program.
  • Follow the steps to enroll online.
  • Enrollment and changes are handled between employee and CalHR.

For additional information regarding this program, including maximum contribution amounts, catch-up allowances, and administration of the Savings Plus Program, refer to the Savings Plus website.