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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I use this certificate? 

The certificate is valid in countries around the world, including the US. 

  • Can I go abroad and teach without a certificate? 

Most programs demand a bachelor’s degree and certificate from their teachers. Those that do not tend to be low-quality, or they will charge you to get their in-house “certificate” that is applicable only to their program. 

  • What’s unique about the CSUSM certificate? 
    • Given by recognized, accredited university 
    • Small class sizes 
    • Face-to-face instruction (Please note that the Summer 2020 session is being offered online only due to the campus COVID-19 response.)
    • Supervised hands-on teaching practice 
  • What is “TESL/TEFL”? 
    • TESL= teaching English as a second language; English taught in an English-speaking country 
    • TEFL teaching English as a foreign language; English taught in a non-English speaking country 
  • Do you offer a payment plan? 

Program tuition may be submitted all at once prior to enrolling in the course or in two equal payments. For the split payment option, half of the tuition is due prior to enrollment and the other half can be paid during the course prior to issuance of the certificate. 

  • Can I use a professional reference? 

Yes, the reference given on the program application may be educational or professional. 

  • Up to what date can I apply? 

The priority registration deadline for each course is approximately one month prior to the course. If space remains in the course, applications will be accepted after this deadline on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Are there specific countries where there is more demand?   

The highest demand for highly qualified English language teachers is seen throughout East Asia. Japan, South Korea, and China are the most popular destinations for our grads. However, demand is strong throughout the world and there are many great opportunities outside of East Asia, as well! 

  • Will I get placed in a job? 

Throughout the course, we assist our trainees with the process of locating a suitable position upon graduation. We create resumes and cover letters, practice interview questions, and learn how to evaluate potential employers. Trainees are given access to our internal career database, containing information about dozens of open positions. Some of these are through our personal contacts, who often come in as guest speakers during the course to share opportunities with their organizations. However, it’s important to understand that your employment contract will be with the school or program with which you are hired, not with CSUSM. 

  • I am a trainee in a different certificate program, and my program requires me to find my own practicum. Can I do my practicum at your school?

No, we are not able to arrange practicum for trainees enrolled in outside certificate programs. Practicum is only available for trainees in our TESL/TEFL Certificate Program.