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New Students

Fall 2024

New Student Enrollment begins in June 2024!
We have plenty of resources available to help you enroll throughout the summer. See the page below for the three most important steps. Enrollment does not take place at orientation, so be sure to get started on the steps below as soon as possible!

Transfer students
find the slides (including links to important website) from the June 10 workshops in the Step Two section below.
First-year students Watch your email for invitations to webinars and other helpful resources for successfully enrolling in classes, including making connections with Academic Advisors (and Success Coaches)

How it works

  • Step One: Enrollment Tutorial

    Complete the enrollment tutorial on the Academic Advising website to learn about the enrollment process and to be prepared on your enrollment date!

    The Enrollment Tutorial will be updated and ready for your viewing on May 28, 2024. The tutorial will provide information on how to connect with Academic Advisors (and Success Coaches, for first year students only) and their services which become available in the month of June.*

    *Specifics are included in the Enrollment Tutorial. Our goal is to assist you with enrollment during the month of June. Enrollment does not take place at orientation!

  • Step Two: Attend an enrollment workshop

    Learn how to "enroll the cougar way" by attending one of our hands-on virtual workshops in June. We are available to answer your questions about the technology and tools used to enroll in classes. Links to the sessions to be posted prior to each session.

    Transfer Students

    Click below to view the workshop recording

    Transfer Workshop Recording

    Transfer Enrollment Workshop Slides

    First Year Students

    Click on the links to join the session.

    First Year Workshop Recording

    First Year Enrollment Workshop Slides

  • Step Three: Enroll on your enrollment date!

    On your assigned enrollment date (which will be visible in MyCSUSM) you will be able to begin enrolling in classes (you can enroll through add/drop, but this is the first date you can begin enrolling).

    screenshot enrollment date

When do I enroll?

You may enroll in courses beginning on your assigned enrollment date through the add/drop period, and view your current course schedule in MyCSUSM.

First Year Students: June 24-25

Transfer Students: June 10-11

Please keep in mind that you may view your enrollment planning tools before your transfer credit has been posted. You can find more information about the timing of when your transfer credit is evaluated and applied to your record, as well as when to meet with Academic Advising on our Transfer Credit page.