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Creating a New Page in OU Campus

To create a new page in OU Campus follow the following steps:

  1. Log into OU Campus with your campus Single Sign On.

  2. Navigate to the area you would like to add in a new page.

    This should look like:
    upload example

  3. Click New picture icon at the top of the page.

  4. A pop-up will appear.
    Select the new page type needed:
      1. Folder - This is to help keep your files organized and is not for pages! Folders are just a shell for content to reside inand is typically used for images or documents.
      2. New Primary Page - This creates a new page that goes inside of an already established folder.
        Primary template icon
      3. New Redirect - This will allow you to create a redirect from a page to another page.
      4. New Section - If you need to create a brand new section/folder for pages. This option will create a _props.pcf and index.pcf page inside of a new folder.

        The most common selections made in OU Campus are New Primary page and New Section

  5. Fill in the page type pop-up. Fill in: 
      1. Page Title - this will fill in the Heading 1/Title on your page.
      2. Filename - this will form your page's URL.
        This area will not let you save if spaces, special characters, or upper case letters are used in the file name.

        Please note: Once a page has been created your filename should never say "untitled". You will need to rename the file if it says "untitled.pcf"

      3. Folder Name - if in the New Section template.

  6. Click create to create your page.

Please note: OU campus does not know when you are done editing a page and when to make it live/when to list it in your site's navigation. You will need to re-publish the _includes/_nav.pcf file to have your newly added page show up in the navigation.


  • Help I still can't see the "New" button

     Are you in the left hand column navigation area that looks something like the following?

    column navigation

    If so, click the Pages or Content button/link at the top of the page:

    pages and content page placement

    Use these buttons to navigate around your site instead of the left column. In the main area of your screen, you should now see the new photo button.

    If you are not in the left column navigation and are still having issues, please email with a screenshot of what you are seeing. This may be due to insufficient user permissions and will need to be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

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