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Logging in to OU Campus

Logging into OU

There are two methods available for users to make web edits with the OU Campus product:

Login Process Video:

Footer Link Access - Direct Page Edit:

Following this method will bring you directly to the edit view of the page you were on and promotes fast and easy content updates.

  1. Navigate to the web page on the live site (example:
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the footer.
  3. Right click anywhere in the page’s footer that is not a link. On the far left-hand side of the page, an "Edit this Page" link will appear.
  4. Select the Edit this Page link.
  5. Log into OU Campus using your campus single sign on.
  6. The page will load in the preview; select the Main Content button to edit your content.

For Advanced Users - OU Dashboard:

The OU Dashboard method lets you navigate through the campus site structure to pages needing edits. This is more time consuming than the direct page edit method and is similar to how Cascade was set up.

  1. Log into OU campus by going to and logging in with your campus credentials.
  2. You will be taken to your OU Dashboard.
  3. Select the Content tab in the blue bar; a column will load on the left side.
  4. Navigate to the site needing updating through the folder structure.
  5. Once a page that needs updating has been located, select on the page in the file structure.
  6. The page will load in the preview; select the Main Content button to edit your content.

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