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User Types in OU Campus

At CSUSM, we use two types of roles for OU Campus web authoring:

  • Students: Student accounts generally are considered content contributors and they have minimal access to edit existing content, but not alter the structure of department websites. Students cannot add, move, copy, rename, or delete files.
  • Employees: Staff/Faculty accounts can add/edit/remove content within department web folders.

NOTE: Designated Content Owners for department websites may request to have their student web author's role increased to have the same access as employee level abilities -- email with requests. 

Toolbar/WYSIWYG Limitations

The WYSIWYG Editor has additionally been modified to limit some actions on a page (such as font resizing, text recoloring options, strike through, and the HTML editor). If more advanced options are needed on a page, please email your request to and the Web Team will see if it is appropriate to modify your page(s) for you.

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