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CSUSM Adopting New Passphrase and Self-Service Password Reset Effective December 21st
Audiences: Faculty  Staff  Students 
Say goodbye to hard-to-remember passwords that need to be changed every three months, and say hello to an easier-to-use passphrase that, when coupled with Duo, keeps your CSUSM accounts highly secure!
CSUSM is launching a new Self-Service Password Reset program, and you will need to set up your new passphrase by Monday, Dec. 21. Using 15 or more characters, passphrases use a simple sentence with no requirements for special characters or other complexities that make traditional passwords hard to remember. With the added security of DUO/MFA, your passphrase will only need to be updated once a year.
We encourage you to create your passphrase and set up your Self-Service Password Reset at your earliest convenience; old passwords will expire after Dec. 21. Set up your new passphrase today to avoid getting locked out.
If you have any questions, our IITS Help Desk team is here to help. Thank you for helping keep CSUSM secure!