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Cougar Courses - Restoration of Calendar Functionality
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IITS has engaged external Moodle consultants to look at CSUSM's environment.  The team has begun their assessment today and are reviewing our system setup and options. 
At the present time service impacting events are not anticipated during the day while our vendor works to troubleshoot our calendar issue.  Any planned/un-planned outages and service impacting events will be updated via this thread.

Students & Faculty --  thank you for all of the support and feedback we have been receiving regarding the Cougar Courses calendar. We fully understand the importance and impact, and if there were any way it were possible to run it as currently configured, we would certainly have it operational.  IITS technicians tried multiple options yesterday, including adding the menu to call the calendar only when requested and maxing out compute resources; all attempts brought the system to a halt under campus load.

Like you, we are very disappointed that we were not successful.  IITS is committed to doing whatever we can and continue to work on this daily to include seeking other alternatives and outside resources.

The Cougar Courses calendar on the main page is unfortunately once more unavailable because of technical issues despite multiple attempts to restore it. Calendars can still accessed for specific courses. IITS continues to work to resolve these issues, but currently we have no updates on when the calendar functionality will return.

The Cougar Courses calendar functionality was restored earlier today and since that point the system has experienced performance instability. This afternoon IITS has restarted the system to rebalance resources that were overloaded.  We apologize for the inconvenience as we work to find a solution to re-enabling the calendar.

The Cougar Courses calendar functionality has been restored. You can access your Calendar now through a tab on your menu options at the top of the main page. It will not be displayed when you log on to the main page as it did before.

IITS restored the full calendar functionality to Cougar Courses at 7am; by 8:35am the system had again become non-responsive.  IITS has removed the home page calendar, but class level assignment calendars are still available. 

As scheduled, IITS restored the calendar functionality to the Cougar Courses Learning Management System.  Staff are monitoring for the appearance of any performance issues as faculty and staff begin to utilize the system. 

Cougar Courses will undergo schedule maintenance on Tuesday, September 21st at 7am, to restore the calendar functionality.  As this feature had previously caused performance issues there may be additional impacts on Tuesday.  Please read the full notice by clicking the button below.