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Assignment: Adding YouTube Links

Assignments can only accept files smaller than 20MB. If your instructor has asked you to create a video/presentation it is likely going to be too large to be submitted as a file. Instead you can upload your video to Youtube and then submit the link to the Assignment.

Submitting a YouTube Video

  1. Locate the Assignment in your course and click on the Assignment name.

 assignment on course homepage

  1. On this page you will see the details of the Assignment: when it is due, time remaining, description/instructions (if your instructor has provided them), any related files, and the rubric/grading form (if your instructor is using one). The box on the right will display your submission and grading status. Verify you are submitting to the correct assignment before proceeding.

 assignment details

  1. Click the Add Submission button.

 add submission button

  1. Type the name of your video. Highlight the text. Click the link icon in the toolbar.

 highlight text and click the link icon in the toolbar

  1. Paste the URL of your video in the Link URL box.

 insert link popup window

  1. Click Insert in the lower left of the popup window.
  1. When finished, click Save changes.

 save changes button

  1. You will be taken back to the page with the assignment details. The first part of your text should be listed in the box on the right, along with the word count, date and time it was submitted, and updated submission status. If you see your do not see a “Submit assignment” button, your online text has been successfully submitted and no further action is required. You can return to edit the text until the due date.

 submission status

  1. If you see a “Submit assignment” button it means currently your online text is a draft. As a draft you can return and edit the text until the due date. When you are ready to submit, click the Submit assignment button. Once the assignment is submitted you will not be able to make any more changes.

 submit button

Editing Your Submission

  1. If you do not see a "Submit assignment" button in the submission status box, or you do see one but have not yet clicked it, you can edit your submission up until the due date. You can actually edit the submission up until the cutoff date (if enabled) but if you edit after the due date, it will be marked as late. When viewing the assignment, click Edit submission.

 edit submission button

  1. Make any changes to your content in the Online text box.
  1. When finished, select Save changes at the bottom of the page.

save changes button