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How to Edit Your Profile and Set Forum Preferences

Edit your profile

  1. Log onto Cougar Courses. Click on the My Courses link on the upper right. On the left, click on the Profile link.
    menu options for profile
  2. In the User details section, click on the Edit Profile link.
    user profile options to choose edit profile link
  3. You will be redirected to your profile.
    Note: Though it appears you can change your name and email address from this page, you actually cannot. Any changes will be overridden upon your next login.
  4. Description: This is where you can provide notes about yourself that will be visible on your profile page across the site. Profiles are not course- specific, so information here should be more generic.
    brief bio
  5. User picture: Add your picture in the User Picture section. You can add a picture which will display on your profile page and next to your name in any course activity (forum posts, assignment submissions, etc.). This profile picture is site-wide and thus viewable by your students and members outside of courses, so use good judgment when selecting your picture.
  6. If your picture is larger than 1MB, use an image editor (e.g. Photoshop, SnagIT) to resize your image to less than 1MB image. Be sure to check that is isn't turned 90 degrees and shows you leaning sideways.f
  7. In some Internet browsers you will be able to drag and drop your image onto the area provided. If not, click the Add symbol.
    add image manually or drag and drop onto box
  8. When the File picker opens: 1) Select Upload a file. 2) Click the Browse button and locate the image file on your computer. 3) Click Upload this file. Your image should appear in the New picture field. 4) Scroll to the bottom and select Update profile.
    browse and select photo

Edit your forum preferences

  1. You can also adjust your profile to modify the way you receive notifications from Forums. Click on the My Courses link on the upper right. On the left, click on the Preferences link.
    menu options for profile
  2. On the left in the User Preference section choose forum preferences.
    user account preferences to choose forum preferences
  3. Toggle the options to make the following changes:
  • Email digest type: If you want to reduce the number of emails received from Cougar Courses, you can receive just one email per day with the combined set of messages for the day.
  • Forum auto-subscribe: Forum subscription means you will receive email copies of posts to the forums. This is forced in some situations (like the News Forum used by instructors) but is optional for other forums. This profile setting controls the default behavior upon posting in a forum.
  • Forum tracking: Forum tracking will indicate whether new posts have been made in forums since your last visit/login. This is only tracked if enabled here in your profile setting.
  • When sending forum post notifications: you can choose to have it mark posts as read or not.

forum preference options

Unsubscribe from a forum

If your profile was configured to auto-subscribe to a forum, you can unsubscribe from a forum after you change your profile.

  1. Go to the forum where you are subscribed.
  2. Click on the Subscribed button the right to toggle the Subscribe option.

unsubscribe option for forum - View when you are subscribed

subscribe button to auto-subscribe and receive posts when you post- View when you are unsubscribed and want to subscribe.