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Add File Folders

Why Do This

Folders allow you to group related files together in a topic/module, which can reduce visual clutter on your course homepage and the amount of scrolling you and your students will have to do. For example, a folder is a great way to share supplemental materials, references, or graphics with your students without distracting them from the required resources or activities.

Note: you cannot drag and drop files from your course page into a folder. You can only add files to a folder through the method below.


Add a folder and files

  1. In the Contents area of your course click on the topic/module you want to add the folder to.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the topic and click Create Learning Activity.

 create learning activity

  1. Click on the Resources Select Folder.

 folder link on resources tab

  1. In the Name field enter the name of the folder. You can also add a description, but it is optional. To display the description on the course homepage check the box next to "Display description on course page."

 folder name and description

  1. There are two ways to add files: The first is to drag and drop the files from your computer to the Files area. The second is to click on the green plus symbol to open the File Picker.
    files area
    When the File picker opens, select “Upload a file” on the left, click the browse/choose file button, locate and select the file(s) on your computer, and then click the blue “Upload this file” button.

file picker popup window 

  1. For Display Folder contents: “On a separate page” means the students will need to click on the folder to be taken to the page that lists all of the files, while “Inline on a course page” will list the files under the folder on the course homepage. You can always come back and switch options to determine what will work best for your files and your module.

 add a folder options, including save options

  1. If “Show download folder button” is checked, students will be able to download the contents of the folder as a zip file. If you uncheck this box, students will need to download each file individually.
  1. Click “Save and return to course” to return to your course homepage, or click “Save and display” to see your folder and its contents.

 save options


Replace, rename, or delete files within a folder

  1. Locate the folder in your course and click on the pencil underneath.

 pencil icon under folder

  1. Click the file you wish to rename or delete.

 click on desired file in Files area

  1. To rename, simply make your changes to the name and click Update.

 edit file options

  1. To delete, click the Delete button. Confirm you wish to delete by clicking OK.

 delete button in edit file popup

  1. To replace a file either delete the current file and add the new file (step 5 above), or drag and drop the updated file into the Files area. If the file names are the same, the system will ask if you wish to overwrite the original file or rename the new file. To replace, choose Overwrite.

 overwrite or rename options

  1. When finished, click “Save and return to course” to return to your course homepage, or click “save and display” to see your folder and its contents.

 save options