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Reconnect to Campus

Technology Expectations and Possible Issues

As you return to your campus office, you should anticipate your technology to require significant time before operating as expected.

IITS will be working hard to support our community's return and respond to all requests for assistance, but given the numerous ongoing projects (e.g. upgrading 60 classrooms), the expected amount of support requests, and the possibility for unexpected challenges, we ask for your patience and good will.


Outdated Wi-Fi Password Could Lock Your Account

  1. Your account will probably temporarily lock you out when your wireless devices (laptops, phones, tablets) attempt to connect to campus Wi-Fi. If that happens, you will be unable to log in to your computer
  • If you are unable to log in to your computer, you have to "forget" your campus Wi-Fi on your wireless devices (laptops, phone, tablets) or turn off your wirelss altogether, wait 15-20 minutes, and try again.
  • If you are still unable to log in, bring your laptop to the Help Desk table in front of the library for in-person support. 

   2. Remember to bring your phone to campus so you can use DUO to sign in to your account. 

Getting your Technology up and Running Again

  1. Turn on your campus computer, log in, and allow it to update as necessary (it might take some time)
  2. Check that your common tools are working as intended (Office 365, Peoplesoft, etc.)
  3. Allow your Outlook client to sync a year's worth of emails (it might also take some time)
  4. Check your telephone device/Teams telephone (if you have transitioned to using Teams as your campus extension, your desk phone will not work anymore)

Please keep in mind that we expect the Help Desk to have increased volume of support tickets during the month of August, so please be patient when requesting support. 



Teams Phones Replacing Old Desksets

CSUSM's obsolete phone system will be shutdown by December 2021.  The old system is being replaced with Teams calling, and to date, IITS has moved approximately 600 faculty/staff to the Teams phone platform.  **Staff who have transitioned to Teams telephones will find that their old desk phones are no longer operational. Teams phone users can make calls using either their computer (like Zoom), smartphone, or use handsets/headsets that IITS has allocated funds to purchase. IITS is offering faculty and staff the choice of one handset or headset.

Telephone & Headset Request Forms

Ready to move your individual extension to Teams

Individual Extension Form

Want to request a shared/main line move to Teams

Shared/Main Line Form

Want to order a headset, handset, or other conferencing hardware

Equipment Ordering Page

Request Live & Online Classrooms & Conference Room Upgrades

CSUSM has established a pool of funds to update conference rooms to better support both in person and online participants. IITS will be outfitting conference rooms listed in the R25 scheduling system. If your conference room is not in R25, you can visit this website ( and enter the room information to request an upgrade. As classrooms are the priority though the summer, most conference rooms will not be updated until sometime after the start of the fall semester.

Helpdesk Support

Phone: 760.750.4790
Email: (fac-staff)
Email: (students)
Chat: Helpdesk Teams Chat
(Instructions on how to access via Microsoft Teams)
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Hours of Operations:
  • Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Closed Saturdays/Sundays & Campus Holidays