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eAdvising Enrollment Tips

Loading Your Shopping Cart

  1. Select courses on all the lines you plan on taking courses for in Degree Planner
  2. Open Schedule Assistant to pull in the courses you selected in Degree Planner
  3. Add breaks or the times when you cannot take classes
  4. Select Generate Schedules
  5. Select VIEW on the schedule you like best (be sure it includes your missing GEW or MATH course)
  7. On the Enroll page, select IMPORT CART (located in the middle of the page)
  8. Select NEXT for all the courses

On Your Enrollment Day

Don't forget to enroll in the classes sitting in your Shopping Cart on your enrollment day! Open the Enroll page and select Proceed to Step 2 then Finish Enrolling.

Shopping Cart classes closed by the time you enroll?

Select a different course in your Degree Planner (or drag that line to the next term) then move it Schedule Assistant to find the section that fits with your enrolled courses and the courses sitting in your Shopping Cart.

Need Help Navigating the Degree Planner or Schedule Assistant? 

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