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Software Center

Self-Service Software for On-Campus Systems

Using the Software Center, you can download available software, without a need for administrative rights, to your office computer.  This self-service portal is designed to provide access to all pre-approved campus software licenses for use as needed.

Please Note: 

  • Some installations, such as Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Cloud products, are quite large and can take some time to download and install.  It is highly recommended that you only initiate an install at a time when your computer can be left powered on and connected to the network for a minimum of 2-3 hours.
  • If  a particular software program does NOT display in your Available Software tab it might already be install on your device, please check the Installed Software tab at the top of Software Center.

1. Access the Software Center from the Start Menu > All Apps >  Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > click on Software Center.

2 . When the Software Center opens, you will have a list of available software under the Available Software tab

Note: You can select one or more applications by checking the selection boxes next to the application.

3. After desired software is selected click on the Install button on the bottom right of the Software Center window.

4. The Installation Status tab will show the progress of the applications being installed. 

5. Once the install is complete the software will show in the Installed Software tab. Notice that you are given the option to uninstall the software by clicking on the Uninstall button located in the bottom right corner. 

If you experience issues during the installation or would like assistance using the software center, please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk support team at extension 4790.