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Embedding Wufoo Forms

  1. Log into Wufoo and locate the form that needs to be embedded
  2. Legacy Wufoo Format: Select the Share button next to the form's title (Third option from the left).
    New Wufoo Format: Select the Share Form"Share Form" symbol on the form that you chose (Second option from the left).
  3. In the Permanent Link box, copy the URL.
  4. Go to OU Campus and select the page that the form needs to be embedded on.
  5. Edit the page by clicking the Main COntent button.
  6. Click Snippet in the Toolbar (second row, on the right).
  7. A "Choose Snippet" pop-up box will appear.
  8. On the left column click the Wufoo option. On the Right column a preview will show up.
  9. Click the Insert button to inject the snippet to your page.
  10. A table will appear on your page wherever your cursor was.  wufoo table
  11. Paste the URL into the Enter Wufoo URL here cell. 
    Your table should look something like: wufoo url example
  12. Click Save (first icon in the ribbon). Your form will render as "Fill out my online form" when in the page Preview.
  13. When published out, your form will render the entire form within the page.

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