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Adding Alt-Text to a Graphic


If you use any images in your survey, they legally must have alt-text provided for them, which describes in words what the image displays, if the image is relevant to the meaning of the form. If an image is purely decorative, you do not need to provide alt-text. This tutorial is operating system independent.

Alternative Text Implimentation Steps

Step 1:

To provide alt-text, you must add your graphic through the Rich Content Editor as a Text Element. Add a new question of the Descriptive Text type.

Step 2:

Click to edit the question text and select the Rich Content Editor.

Step 3:

Click the image button in the toolbar to insert an image.

Step 4:

Select the image from your Qualtrics Library or click Upload a New Graphic.

Stop 5:

Now you need to add the alt-text into the HTML source code. Click the Source button in the Rich Content Editor toolbar, and you should see the HTML code.

Step 6:

Find the section of code that contains the image tag, for the image you just inserted.For example: <img src="">

Step 7:

Place your cursor directly after the “g” in <img, hit the spacebar once, and type the following: alt="your image description here"

Step 8:

The code should look like this when you’re done: <img alt="your description" src="">