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MyCSUSM Homepage Update
Posted: August 4, 2023

Your homepage in MyCSUSM is changing – for the better! The new look and feel of the homepage will improve your experience when accessing from a mobile device and will also set the stage for future improvements to the organization and presentation of the page.  

Clearing Cache and Cookies

After an upgrade, users might encounter anomalies with the display of fonts and certain images, such as the menu icon, favorites missing or unable to connect.   Please clear the browser clear cache and cookies  before reporting an issue.

How to Recover PeopleSoft Favorites

Some staff have reported that their favorites in MyCSUSM are missing.  Instructions to recover missing favorites are here. 

Time Reporting and HR Access

MyCSUSM is separated in two environments: Campus Solutions (CS) and Human Resources (HR).  Instructions are here to access HR and submit time reports. The information steps show how to find the time sheets for students or absences for faculty and staff.   

Viewing PeopleSoft Query Output

In some browsers in PS Query Viewer the "Run to Excel" is not available.  A temporary work around is to select run to HTML and then downloading the results into Excel.   As an alternative, the "Run to Excel" feature may work in some versions of Firefox.  

Browser Issues

On occasion, some browsers cause your PeopleSoft application to exhibit behaviors that vary from the expected behavior. Some of these differences are very subtle and have no impact while others may alter the look and function of PeopleSoft pages. 

For optimal performance and compatibility with myCSUSM/PeopleSoft, we strongly recommend using the latest supported browser versions. Browsers older than the official supported releases have known issues and should not be used. For best results use the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari for iOS, Release 10.x and above
  • Apple Safari for OS X, Release 10.1 and above
  • Google Chrome for Windows, Release 58.x and above
  • Microsoft Edge, Release 39.14986 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox, Release 52.x and above
  • Internet Explorer, Release 11.x -Certified, but not recommended
Browser Issue
General Browsers Explanation and Work-Around
Apple Safari for iOS, OS X

Explanation and Work-Around

Google Chrome

Explanation and Work-Around

Microsoft Edge

Explanation and Work-Around

Mozilla Firefox

Explanation and Work-Around

Internet Explorer

Explanation and Work-Around

Instructions page for CSUSM Oracle/PS 9.x and PeopleTools 8.56.08

Last updated February 4, 2020