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Access Control Security

Access to information technology resources

All CSUSM faculty, staff and students are issued a username and password which allows them to log in to campus computers and use information technology resources  to which they have been granted access.

Access to data

Access to non-public data is limited to the privileges required for an employee to perform his or her job duties.

To request access to data, an employee's supervisor must complete the PeopleSoft Access Request form. In addition, the request must be approved by the data steward responsible for the listed information resource.

Employee exit

On receipt of notice of an employee's exit, the employee's user account is locked and CMS credentials revoked.  After determining that there is no further need for access to the account or stored information, the account is removed.

Employee transfer

On receipt of notice of the transfer of an employee to a new department and/or supervisor, any PeopleSoft roles or permissions authorized by the previous supervisor are revoked.