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What is a Slider?

A slider is a feature box that rotates different slides/images on a loop. This content typically is a high level overview of some sort of advertisement or important timely information.

Appropriate Slider Use

  • Timely information - such as an advertisement for an upcoming event
  • Concisely worded content - Some text should be present but should be minimal
  • Visually interesting content  that is compelling for a user to interact with it
  • All slides are sized exactly the same
  • Slide content can be found elsewhere on the site

Inappropriate Slider Use

  • Image galleries
  • Event flyers or extremely text-heavy content
  • All slides are sized differently
  • Unique content is only posted in the slider and cannot be found elsewhere on the site

Slider Limitations

Sliders are typically not an effective way to communicate information! Typical web usage shows that web viewers interacting with your page will not interact with a slider and will typically miss all information posted after the first slide.

I still would like a slider - How do I create one?

Sites can have sliders on their homepage but sliders must be initiated by the Web Team. Once a slider is created, your department can manage it from that point on.

If you have any slider content examples the group will evaluate the slider content and determine if a slider is an effective method of communicating the content:

  • If it is, the Web Team creates the slider for you and you can manage its content from that point on (the Web Team sends over instructions).
  • If the request is denied, the Web Team will typically will suggest up better solutions on how to feature the content you are wanting to put on your page.

Email at least two examples of the content you would like to have featured in a slider to

Already Created Slider FAQ

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