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Phishing Attempt Warning: Email Banner
Audiences: Faculty  Staff  Students 

Scammers have been adding a fake, green banner claiming that "This sender has been verified from" underneath the CAUTION - EXTERNAL BANNER that is added to any external emails. 

The only CSUSM official banner on an email is the yellow CAUTION-EXTERNAL SENDER.

If you see any other banners added to an email (such as the green "This sender has been verified..." that assert that the email is legitimate, it is most likely not. If you do not know the sender, are not anticipating an email asking for the information requested, or sends you to a link that asks for credentials, be highly skeptical. It's best to use a high degree of caution and confirm the legitimacy versus providing your credentials to a hacker's website.

If you see any suspicious banner, please do not open the email and forward it to