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Cougar Courses - Restoration of Calendar Functionality
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As posted earlier, this morning IITS attempted to fully restore the calendar’s default functionality to the Cougar Courses main page.  For the first two hours there were no issues, but at 9am the database once again became overloaded with calendar database queries.  In order to return Cougar Courses to a stable and responsive state, we pulled the calendar back to our prior status with it available via the menu links.


For additional background, the issue is related to the rendering of the calendar view as it initiates queries that put an inordinate load on the database.  As the main page is accessed almost continuously throughout the day, the load is unsustainable.  By calling the calendar only when selected, we substantially reduce the number of times this occurs.


Based upon last week’s results we were fully expecting that today would be successful and we are very disappointed by the outcome.  Given the inconveniences this semester, we will hold any further attempts at changing the setup until the break and additional changes will be evaluated at that time.


This will be the final update for this thread. 

On October 12th, IITS fully restored calendar functionality to Cougar Courses.  We expect that this final update will be successful, and staff are closely monitoring to see if the changes have any impact on system performance. 

On October 6th, IITS made system configuration changes to Cougar Courses that restored the calendar functionality from the menu bar.  After monitoring performance for over 24-hours, it appears that the changes were successful.  Given this result, IITS intends to restore the calendar to the home page on Tuesday, October 12th.

This morning IITS made configuration changes to Cougar Courses in another attempt to restore the calendar functionality. Calendar access was re-enabled from the menu bar and the system was returned to normal operations at 7:10am.  IITS is monitoring for performance issues.  If these arise, IITS will again remove the calendar to avoid impacting Cougar Course access.

On Wednesday, Oct. 6th, at 7am, Cougar Courses will undergo brief scheduled maintenance in another attempt to restore the calendar functionality. We recommend that faculty avoid scheduling any Cougar Courses activities during that time.
If restoring functionality causes performance issues, IITS will again remove the calendar to avoid impacting Cougar Course access.
Thank you for your patience, and please know that restoring full Cougar Courses functionality is a high priority for IITS staff and management.