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Spring 2022 Workshops

ATS Workshops are available to help you get ready for your Spring 2022 courses. All of our workshops are held via Zoom. You will receive the password protected link when you register for the workshop(s).

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Workshop Descriptions

  • Zoom Tools for Student Engagement

    Join us for a hands-on workshop exploring strategies to foster active learning and student engagement using Zoom tools. Participants will learn how to maximize the use of Zoom breakout rooms, gain practical experience with online polling and other digital collaboration tools.  

    In this workshop participants will: 

    • Identify steps for transitioning activities and assignments to a remote environment
    • Use breakout rooms to create interactive and fun activities 
    • Explore zoom tools to create an interactive experience for faculty and students 
  • Create a Liquid Syllabus with Microsoft Sway

    Are you looking for ways to make your syllabus more equitable and engaging? Join us for a 90-minute session to learn how to transform your syllabus into a Liquid Syllabus using Microsoft Sway!

    Creating a digital or Liquid Syllabus with a tool like MS Sway turns that static PDF file into a dynamic, visually compelling media that can be accessed, bookmarked, and read easily from a smartphone or tablet. Sway is an easy-to-use website authoring tool and is available in your CSUSM Microsoft apps!

    In this workshop participants will: 

    • Determine what constitutes a Liquid Syllabus
    • Discuss how a Liquid Syllabus can promote equity and engagement 
    • Identify the steps for creating a Liquid Syllabus with MS Sway 
    • Begin to create a Liquid Syllabus for your course with MS Sway
  • Cougar Courses Refresher

    Brand new to Cougar Courses? Or just looking for a quick refresher? In this workshop we will cover the basics of navigating Cougar Courses and setting up your courses for a successful start to the term.

    In this workshop participants will:

    • Discover the most efficient methods for accessing and navigating Cougar Courses
    • Gain insight on the best practices for organizing and managing your course container
    • Be introduced to the activities and resources available in Cougar Courses
    • Review the steps to making courses visible to students

Workshops Schedule

Jan 19 - 21

Wednesday, Jan 19

Thursday, Jan 20 Friday, Jan 21
Zoom Tools for Student Engagement     2-3:30pm  10-11:30am
Create a Liquid Syllabus with Microsoft Sway  2-3:30pm  12-1:30pm  
Cougar Courses Refresher  10-11:30am  


Asynchronous Workshops

In addition to our live workshops, we have asynchronous workshops on a variety of Cougar Courses topics:

Cougar Courses Basics Workshop

Forums Workshop

Quizzes Workshop

Assignments and Turnitin Workshop

Gradebook Workshop

TRC Faculty Office Hours

The TRC is open - virtually. Our team of instructional designers are available for 1:1 drop-in assistance from 10am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. Join us in Zoom (Meeting ID 296496061). When you first enter you will be placed in a Waiting Room until someone is available to assist you. Once someone is available, we are limiting the sessions to 15 minutes if there is a queue. If the help will take longer than 15 minutes, we will put you in a breakout room and another person on the team will assist you.