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4 Year Roadmaps Instructions

The Chancellor’s Office requires 4-year Roadmaps for every undergraduate degree program. The Office of Academic Programs, in conjunction with department faculty and the University Curriculum Committee, ensures these are created and updated as part of the curricular approval process.

When submitting curriculum forms for new programs (P form) or updating an existing program (P-2 form), a 4-Year Roadmap must be uploaded in Curriculog when the curriculum form is submitted to ensure that the new/updated program meets the Min/Max total of 120 units and to ensure that the all GE and major requirements are included in the roadmap.

Below are the templates, by major, that represent strategic placement of GE courses to help balance course demand across departments.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Each Template displays the required GE courses that cannot be moved to a different term.  If your curriculum includes a required CORE course that also meets one of the frozen GE cells, please send an email to Degree Planner and a new template will be sent through email.
  • Be sure to list the following GE requirements in the new roadmap (these can be placed in any term):
  1. B1 (B1 or B2 must include a lab component) - 3 units

  2. B2 (B1 or B2 must include a lab component) - 3 units

  3. B4 - 3 units

  4. C3  - 3 units (language course for students admitted Fall 2019 and beyond)

  • Units for each course listed on the roadmap are included in the total units calculation displayed at the top left of the page. Please make sure the total units = 120 before uploading the roadmap in Curriculog.
  • Upload your 4-Year Roadmap in Curriculog when submitting your P or P-2 form.
  • Note for Science Majors: Roadmap templates will only show 2 UDGE lines since any UD course in the Natural Science discipline will automatically fulfill the UDGE-Area BB requirement.

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