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Virtual Event Support

Live Production

Most of us are pretty comfortable with using Zoom and other online web conferencing products for our virtual meetings. Media Production Services (and the Inspiration Studios) assist with most of the campus' live events. MPS is here to help any client in creating successful virtual (or in person) events. MPS works closely in conjunction with other campus providers to give our customers the best overall experience and coverage for your live or virtual event. Some virtual event services available can be seen below:

  • Video and audio production capabilities
  • Live streaming for any size audience 
  • Virtual meetings and webinars via Zoom
  • Recording and on-demand delivery after the event
  • Assistance with live captioning & accessibility requirements

We have assisted with a wide variety of events across the campus community, from film festivals to student orientation, involving from dozens to thousands of participants. Get us involved in your event early by emailing

Virtual Event Elements

A virtual event is built around your content, attendees engagement, and the data being presented. Here are some of the elements we have found help make your next virtual event a great success: 

  • Event website - main place for registration, links, and information about your event.
  • Event registration (e.g. Zoom, Qualtrics,Wufoo) - let's you know who's coming and creates a record of attendees for later follow up.
  • Media content
    • Live presentation content
    • Recorded content - pre-recorded and played during the event.
  • Adjustable interactivity
    • Interactive video conferencing - maximum engagement for smaller groups
    • Live, one-way audio/video - focused activity for large audiences
  • Question and answer / Chat - help your audience engage and get the answers they are looking for.

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