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Remote Work Options

Welcome to the CSUSM Remote Work Options page.  Here you will find information regarding the different options for accessing campus resources from off-campus.

There are 3 different remote work options and each has their own benefits.  To request access or obtain more information about which option is best for you, email

  1. CougarApps (aka Citrix) - Majority of users
  2. LogMeIn - For remotely logging in to your campus desktop
  3. GlobalProtect - For creating a VPN connection to the campus network

Citrix is an application that allows you to run other applications in virtual containers on your local computer.  Ultimately, what this means is that you can complete the work you need to securely on any computer.

GlobalProtect is a VPN solution that allows you to create a virtual private network between your home computer and the CSUSM network.  GlobalProtect provides a secure network connection between your computer and the campus network, but anything you access from GlobalProtect may be stored locally on your home computer (for instance, an Excel spreadsheet).  GlobalProtect will only work on Windows 10 and Mac OS X computers.

CougarApps and Citrix should already work for the majority of the campus.  If you run in to an issue using either of these remote access options, please email

LogMeIn requires that you have a desktop computer available for you to log in to on campus.  You can use this software to remotely access your on-campus computer so that you can complete work as if you were sitting in front of that computer.  LogMeIn requires IITS to set up a couple of things.  If you would like to use LogMeIn, please email to get the process started.