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Phishing Awareness

What is phishing?

Phishing is an attempt to collect sensitive information, such as your campus username and password, to use for malicious purposes.  

How do I spot a phishing message?

These 10 tips, brought to you by TechRepublic, will help you identify a phishing message:

  1. The message contains a mismatched URL
  2. URLs contain a misleading domain name
  3. The message contains poor spelling and grammar
  4. The message asks for personal information
  5. The offer seems too good to be true
  6. You didn't initiate the action
  7. You are asked to send money to cover expenses
  8. The message makes unrealistic threats
  9. The message appears to be from a government agency
  10. Something just doesn't look right

For more information, visit the Tech Republic web page, "10 Tips for Spotting a Phishing Email," or contact the Information Security Office at  

What should I do if I respond to, or click a link in, a phishing message?

You should never reply to any phishing messages, but if you did reply to the message, please go to the Password Change Webpage and change your password immediately!

***Please note that we will never ask you to email us your password; no legitimate organization should do that.

In addition, you should forward any suspected phishing messages to