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How to Add Anchor Links on OU Campus

What is an Anchor Link?

An anchor link is a link on a page that brings you to a specfic place on that page. Anchor Links can be used on the same page or at a different page as long as it is inserted correctly.

When do I use Anchor Links?

Anchor links can be helpful when you want to bring a user to a specific spot on a web page. They are useful for pages that contain long list of questions such as Frequently Asked Questions. This makes the content easier to navigate for both typical and screen reader users.

Step 1:

Within OU Campus, select the page that you want to edit.

Step 2:

The overview of the page will load. Select the Main Content tab to edit a text area.

Step 3:

Type the text that you want to link. Make sure to make your link text specific; if you do not know how to do so, please read the OU Campus Guide: How to add descriptive links on OU Campus, and continue.

Step 4:

Find a location where you want to add the anchor of the link. Select the Anchor icon.

Step 5:

A pop up will open. At the Name field, insert a unique ID text (case-sensitive), for example "Q1". Then select the "OK" button.

A small anchor icon should appear in the text area on the page.

insert anchor

Step 6:

Now, highlight the text you previously added from Step 4 and select the highlighted Link icon.

Step 7:

An Insert Link pop up will open. At the Anchors section of the window, click the drop down and select the unique ID you added from Step 6, then select OK. Your text should appear blue when it is linked correctly.

linking anchor

Step 8: 

To add more anchor links, repeat the same step but with a different ID text.

Step 9:

Select the  button at the bottom of the Content Editor to finalize your page.

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