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Editing Page Content


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Section Overview
Editing a page How to log in and edit pages in OU Campus.
Adding Headers How to add clearly marked and coded text to topics and sub-topics to a page's content.
Inserting tables How to insert tables onto a page.
Adding images to a page Learn sizing requirements, alternative text, and how to upload an image to a page.
How to add a link to a page Learn how to create descriptively named links for for best accessibility and usability.
Adding Anchor links Learn how to jump to a specific place on a page. This function is great for long pages or lists like FAQs.
Adding Button links Learn how to add the button effect to your links.
Adding/Removing Sidebar Content How to add or remove sidebar content.
Updating Page Title/Display Name How to update the page title, tab name, and page breadcrumbs in OU Campus.
Editing the "Contact Us" and Organization Header Let site users contact your department or team member directly by modifying the "Contact Us" block on the left side. The same file lets you change the top Organization Banner name.

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